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About Us

Created on July 30, 2014 at 6:48 AM by twilliams is an outgrowth of is founded by Tom Williams in 2014.

We are in our 16 years of theatre reviewing in Chicago!

I founded Chicago Critic initially as a theatre reviewing website in May of 2002 because I believed that the future of theatre reporting was moving to the Internet. Over the years, I have personally posted 3,600 theatre reviews (to date) and over 4410 total reviews by our staff of reviewers. Last year, we expanded to covering opera and ballet and this year will are planning to cover cabaret, music and improv and art once we have additional staff in place.  We  posted 328 reviews in 2011 and 299 in 2012 and 305 reviews in 2013 with 318 reviews in 2014 and 329 in 2015. Jacob Davis is currently the main theatre reviewer.

I am proud to state that is the oldest continuous Chicago theatre reviewing website! Over the last four years, I have reviewed over 300 shows each of these years, ranging from small storefront theatre to the large scale Broadway touring shows. I thrive on the fantastic variety of theatre offered in Chicago.


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